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We have fundamentally changed the digital advertising and publishing model

Our Technology

MediaHouse’s native technology powers our predictive and personalized digital media platform. Our technology enables content matching and automated delivery of hundreds of millions of premium video impressions daily.

  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Personalization

Publisher Solutions

Our platform powers video for the top online publishers; well-known and established content creators; and major advertising brands. Our technology distributes, monetizes, and embeds content into articles for premium publishers.

  • Performance-Based Monization 
  • Content Matching
  • Editorial Insights

Advertiser Solutions

MediaHouse’s Advertising Solutions allow advertisers to align with the day’s top trending content while contextually delivering ads to premium, brand-safe publishers.

  • Exclusive Demo Rich Audience
  • Brand-safe Premium Content
  • Scalable Solutions

Content Creator Solutions

Our Content Solutions offer vetted content creators unprecedented reach and distribution through premium publishers.

  • Reach Extension
  • Editorial Support
  • Monetized Distribution

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